Value Proposition

Value Proposition

With one-third of all global emissions originating from the built environment, and with our industry’s collective action having worldwide consequences, E³SG will provide the nation’s first ever, most comprehensive and timely inventory of Sustainable and ESG real estate assets, available for sale or lease, or recently transacted comps.  Properties will be identified and classified using a proprietary AI-based scoring system, allowing a constant flow of focused, mandated acquisition candidates and investment opportunities for the targeted audience.


While ESG is generally thought of as a risk management, benchmarking, or certification metric for green buildings or the companies that own them, E³SG is making a market of Sustainable and ESG real estate assets, F³Tech companies and projects, and creating multiple investment vehicles.

While scoring is currently limited to specifically quantifiable ESG characteristics, which is a valid outcome given the requirements of the target audience, the E³SG scoring also separately captures, evaluates, and objectively rates investment and return considerations, as well as Impact.

While most proptech is oriented to the automation of existing tasks and real estate brokerage processes, mostly within the residential markets, E³SG – going well beyond “existing” – is creating the equivalent of a new real estate asset class, providing a broad range of supporting information about its economic benefits, and making it easily accessible.

The only criteria governing selection of a property for placement is its ESG score. Therefore, assets identified as acquisition candidates will be both traditional and non-traditional (alternative), also core, core-plus, value-add, and opportunistic. As such, to begin, the real estate operating risk will be diversified over the full range of asset types and locations. A secondary ranking will be based on automated, data driven underwriting of likely investment performance. Finally, the professional within the ESG Audit Network will evaluate the asset. This triple screening approach (E³) will promote the strongest possible risk management system in our role as fiduciaries for our investor base.

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