Robert H. Greenlee

Bob Greenlee is the Founder and CVO of the Company.  One of many firsts, it was his idea to apply automated ESG metrics to all real estate assets, benchmarking and rating each property with an ESG score. Under his direction, the Company has greatly expanded the measures of Social and Governance, and is among the first to make an actionable connection between diversity, equity and inclusion and investment real estate in the ESG space. The net result of these initiatives is that Bob has basically created ESG as a new asset class, which allows scored properties to be packaged for investment purposes. 

Mr. Greenlee spent thirty years as president of an asset management, valuation, and economic consulting firm.  This background is applied to all of the Company’s ESG assets, analyzing sustainable strategies, risks and opportunities, and the resultant values and ESG scores.  With a master’s degree in economics from Loyola College in Baltimore, Bob has been an advocate for the integration of best sustainability practices into the economics of investment real estate throughout his career, focusing on Conservation, Revitalization, Place Making, Value Enhancement, Funding Solutions, Property Management, and Economic Research.

Willoughby A. Buxton

As Manager of Research and Analytics, Willoughby is among the first in the country to apply automated ESG attributes to real estate.  She is the author of the key performance indicators, best management practices, and algorithms that are becoming Version 2.0 of the E³SG scoring model.  She is an industry leader in the development of ESG standards in commercial real estate, focused on the intersections, complexities, impacts, and applications of each multi-faceted data point.  With a strong orientation to the Social (S), Willoughby’s work is highly collaborative with the appraisal and asset management teams, researching, analyzing, and organizing big data and evolving the E³SG metrics to provide equitable valuations for the built environment.  In support of the transactional side of the business, she maintains a national data base of listed property as well as community and environmental data.

Timothy R. Paris

Tim Paris fills two important roles for the Company, as the Chief Technology Officer and as the Chief Operating Officer.  With over 25 years of experience in Information Technology, including ten years as president and owner of his own consulting firm, Tim has a proven track record of delivering effective solutions to complex business problems using leading edge technologies.  He currently manages all operational aspects of the company including product and software development. 

Ross M. Benincasa

Ross Benincasa is the CMO of E³SG, responsible for the go-to-market strategy for the vertical’s products and long-term audience growth in a variety of sectors. He is leading this industry-changing idea toward becoming a life-changing product, helping owners, occupiers, investors, and government entities access vital information related to the sustainability of their real estate assets. Under his guidance, E³SG is quickly scaling its automated ESG scoring platform, providing a critical new service to the real estate brokerage communities.  With a specialization in national marketing and data-driven sales and leasing, and a strong focus on helping his clients maximize the value of their investment, Ross is the principal point of connection and strategic partner to users of the E³SG platform.

Elizabeth P. Connelly

Liz Connelly is the P³ Director for the Enterprise.  She brings 25 years of high energy, extensive experience in marketing and business development, and strong Governance (G) expertise to E³SG.  She is transforming G from a measure of corporate governance into a paradigm that captures all of the different ways government influences real estate – as owner, tenant, neighborhood anchor, creator of incentive districts, and funder.  Liz is among the first in the country to redefine the G in ESG and create the intersection for scoring purposes with the E and the S.  From the E³SG platform, she is providing a new pathway and a new context to connect the government’s financing capability to aspects of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Samuel Shoge

Sam Shoge is the Chief Impact Officer for the Company.  His role is to make it all matter and to make it transformative – which is to say he is deeply immersed in all Company elements related to environmental, social, governance, property technology, scoring, market efficiency, partnerships … and impact.  He takes all of E³SG’s new property and neighborhood concepts and applies them to affect real change in people’s lives.  As a graduate of Elon University with a B.A. in Environmental Studies, he creates new ways to drive the materiality of the ESG-scored key performance indicators to the built environment.  Specifically, Sam manages the ESG audit process, and works closely with users of the E³SG platform to create and implement maximally impactful asset management and sustainability strategies.

Chloe C. Tong

Chloe Tong is the Manager of Systems and Operations for the Enterprise.  She is responsible for all engagement and staff scheduling, marketing and advertising coordination, and communications.  She works closely with users of the E³SG platform, supporting the work flow and referral network associated with ESG audits.  With a focus on Social (S), Chloe is also the beta tester and principal scorer of the key performance indicators and best management practices in ongoing development as ESG metrics.

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