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Scoring the nation’s real estate correlates to a value, a measure of E, S, and G property characteristics, and an asset management strategy.  The ESG score is a tool to help transactionalize the asset; the scoring can be done on a Before & After basis, having identified areas of opportunity to increase sustainability and value.


As noted, the company provides real estate brokers with a strong technology platform and prop tech companies with a strong application to real estate.

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Overall, ours is a sustainability-oriented business model, with a goal of promoting meaningful social leadership and impact.

As part of a Conscious Capitalism strategy, E³SG is developing a new national pipeline of potential investments and deal flow that is not currently sourced by any other industry participant.  This is the first and only enterprise that is 100% aligned with the ESG, Sustainable, and Impact investment missions and mandates of the vast majority of today’s institutional, private equity, and family investors.

This is not a hard sell these days.  As Cushman-Wakefield says, the majority of our clients are already on their own sustainability journey.  Green building and sustainable building management are key elements in their journey, and they seek us as a trusted partner to support this transformation.

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