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Scoring ESG & Impact Real Estate for Investors

Through its partnerships with the MIT Real Estate Innovation Lab and Enriched Data, the company is constructing an AI-driven Big Data Platform, automating the process of capturing, analyzing, measuring, and scoring every one of the country’s 32 million commercial and 120 million residential properties.

The E³SG Team includes analysts, data scientists, advisors, and technology specialists dedicated to building the world’s first scoring and exchange platform for sustainable investing.

Environment + Social + Governance = ESG

As fast as ESG is growing, there has been only minimal application to Real Estate.  There is surprisingly limited recognition of the investor appetite for ESG assets.  We have crafted a business model that corrects the inefficiencies, vastly expands the ESG definition to make a direct connection to real estate, creates a new asset class that combines the best of all real estate strategies, and strongly aligns with those sources of capital who wish to do well by doing good. To do this, we’ve partnered with the Innovation Lab at MIT to create an algorithm that brings together hundreds of data points (and growing) to create an objective scoring system of every one of the country’s 152 million properties, developing a marketable portfolio along the way. 

Driving Sustainable Solutions in an Exponential Economy

With a strong philosophical grounding in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and Principles of Responsible Investment, our focus is People, Profit, and Planet (P³).


E³SG connects buyers, sellers, and users to ESG assets across the country. With the ability to source, score, and package assets in alignment with an investor’s particular ESG focus, the company has created an a-la-carte individually tailored suite of new consumable ESG products.  


As there is an ever increasing need for consensus and regulation around ESG, we are working closely with the mortgage lending industry to define and standardize ESG, that will lead to the GSE’s, and then to financial regulatory agencies.   Our data and proprietary algorithms offer unprecedented insights into real estate. This third-party and objective scoring process will allow designation as authentic (not green-washed) ESG assets.

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New, first and different: 1) automated ESG score for every property in America, based on Big Data and AI; 2) correlation to value and asset management strategies; 3) leading the way to standardization of ESG data points; 4) nationwide network of on-site ESG Auditors to certify scores; 5) strong connection to World Bank's measures of Impact; 6) development of new ESG professional education curriculum; 7) new DE&I equity opportunities; 8) creation of ESG as a new asset class.
Robert H. (Bob) Greenlee

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