Sustainability is not just our goal, it's our industry

Our Story

E³SG Realty Investments is the first real estate organization globally to view sustainability not as a goal – but as an industry, and ESG not as a certification framework – but as a new defined real estate asset class.

By creating this new asset class, and new technology to identify, organize, and benchmark all such real estate assets, E³SG is developing a new national pipeline of potential investments and deal flow that is not currently sourced by any other industry participant.

Even as specialists within this niche market, our platform provides for diversification across every metric, including: both income and growth opportunities; all traditional and alternative asset classes; all strategies – core, core plus, value-add, and opportunistic; all geographies; and all deal sizes. Constant through every offering is a focus on risk management, value creation, and strong financial returns – in short, Doing Well By Doing Good.

We are creating sustainable solutions in a brand new asset class for institutional, private equity, and family investors - as well as local business and homeowners.

Higher Returns

E³SG -certified properties are not philanthropic investments. They regularly show higher ROI than their neighboring properties.

More Than the Environment

In addition to our environmental scoring, we equally value a property’s role in the social fabric of its community.

Why does my E³SG score matter?

Along with Impact Investing and Sustainable Investing, the ESG investment concepts capture the fastest growing, most impactful new development metric in the global investment community. New to the industry, in addition to the E characteristics, we capture S in terms of equity and justice, and have solved for the elusive G.  In addition, our ESG score is equally focused on investment return and overall impact.

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Robert H. (Bob) Greenlee

Founder & CVO

Robert H. (Bob) Greenlee is the Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of E³SG Realty Investments. He has been an advocate for the integration of best sustainability practices in the economics of investment real estate throughout his 35-year career, focusing on Sustainable – Impact – and ESG Investing, Conservation, Revitalization, Place Making, Value Enhancement, Funding Solutions, Property Management, and Economic Research.

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